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**How to Shrink Fibroids Naturally**

Fibroid tumors are benign (non-cancerous) growths. Fibroids appear on the muscular wall of the uterus. They range in size from microscopic, to masses that fill the entire abdominal cavity. They consist of dense, fibrous tissue which are nourished and sustained by a series of blood vessels.

Fibroid tumors of the uterus are a modern-day plague of women.  The muscle fiber of the uterus weakens and develops a bump-like ballooning out, similar to a hemorrhoid or varicose vein.  They can grow with or without a capsule. Inside the fibroid capsule, there can be rotten blood, trapped veins, arteries, cellular waste, and a mass of muscle or fluid pus.  The fibroid tumor can be the size of a bean or as large as a grapefruit or fetus.  Fibroids can have various shapes, such as flat, oval, spider web like, mushroom, needle like or even grow like a tree.  Fibroids are usually benign and non-cancerous and some do not require surgery.  They tend to shrink during menopause due to decreased estrogen production; and sometimes they have been known to grow during menopause.

What is Uterine Fibroid Embolization?

During uterine fibroid embolization, small particles are delivered to the uterus. These particles block the arteries that provide blood flow to the uterus, which causes the fibroids to shrink. Using a fluoroscope, the physician inserts a catheter into the femoral artery and uses contrast material to advance the catheter into the uterine arteries. The embolic particles are released into both uterine arteries by repositioning the same catheter that was inserted in the femoral artery. This procedure is much less invasive than some uterine fibroid treatment options, and involves a short recovery period of only one week. However, there is concern that the particles may dislodge and travel or lodge in other parts of your body and cause dangerous blockage.

What is a Hysterectomy?

Fibroid removal accounts for 38 percent of the hysterectomies performed in the United States each year. However, hysterectomy is only used to treat severe fibroids that have not responded well to other forms of treatment. Supracervical hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus with preservation of the cervix. Total hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus and cervix. The ovaries and fallopian tubes may also be removed during a total hysterectomy. Abdominal hysterectomy requires a long recovery period of four to six weeks and a hospital stay of three to four days after the procedure. The less invasive vaginal hysterectomy reduces the recovery time and can allow women to get back to their normal activities sooner than if an abdominal hysterectomy were done. There are many options available for Uterine fibroid treatment. However, the natural remedies for fibroids was the decision I made.

DON’T WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE! download my Fibroid book (PDF @ $7.00), “My Journey with Herbs.” My book tells you exactly what I used and how I used the herb. Also, what foods to avoid to help dissolve the fibroids and prevent them from returning. If you need help discerning what foods to eat, I have included my Menu Book which details what I ate and what foods to avoid. The cost is only $4.99 in PDF form.


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Hear what people are saying;

Hello Vivian,

I have visited your YouTube channel and have just purchased and quickly read your book (within the last hour!) I am fascinated and blessed to have found you as we have the same beliefs about health, food, healing and Jesus! I would love to keep in contact with you. I actually considered becoming a ND about 10 years ago because my beliefs were so strong in this but being a single mother of a young child, cost and relocation deterred me. I still strongly believe in these things and not continuing on a healthy lifestyle have brought me to where I am today.

My primary mission right now is to get rid of these fibroids that are making me tired and exhausted and get my health back. Thanks be to God that I have not gotten to the difficult place you did, but I want to be healthy again nevertheless. I have been advised by my former doctors for years to have a hysterectomy for what was an 7″x 2′ oblong fibroid initially and I refused. I was not given any other option but I knew in my spirit that this drastic ‘solution’ was not for me. I had minor symptoms compared to many women I have read about and my worst symptom was anemia and fatigue, which I still battle today, from the heavy blood loss during my period. Ten years later it is a bit worse, but I have suffered this long enough. I have started exercising and am working on diet. Holy Spirit is my teaching and all the things you speak of in your book are most of the causes I have heard from him. Especially the hormone filled meats.

Be blessed, Love in Christ, and THANK YOU for sharing your findings!!
Suz Smile

February 26, 2012


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10 Responses to Blog

  1. Schwana Griffin says:

    Hello I am suffering from carpal tunnel and I have constant pain in my wrist. Are there any herbal remedies for my condition?
    Thank You

    • Vivian says:

      Hello, thanks for your order. In reply to your question, there is a natural remedy called “Devil’s Claw.”

      I hope this is helpful.


    • Anonymous says:

      Hello, I just wanted you to know that I have created more youtube channels; shrink fibroids, and fabuloussixty. I will also be giving information and tips on eating healthy, exercising, makeup tips, staying young etc. Many people are asking me these questions and I have decided to answer. Please check out the channels and subscribe. Thank you!

  2. T says:

    There are great herbs for treating uterine fibroids.
    Chaste Berry is a good one. It helps to balance hormones and raise progestrone levels.

  3. Hello there! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say
    I really enjoy reading your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums
    that deal with the same topics? Thanks a ton!

    • Vivian says:

      Hello, thank you for stopping by. Yes there are many sites out there that cover the Fibroids topic. Just google them. One in particular is a Facebook Fan Page called “Fibroids.” It is a great site and has many fans engaging in their daily battle with Fibroids. I hope this helps. Be Blessed!

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  5. Vivian says:

    Thank you for stopping by and I pray it will help you or someone you know. Keep coming back and check out my videos.

  6. Vivian says:

    Thank you for your comment.

  7. Dee says:

    I am very encouraged by your website and information about shrinking fibroids naturally. I was diagnosed several years ago with these little “challenges” and they continue to grow. I have 6 with the largest being 13 inches. Thankfully, they are asymptomatic except for the heaviness in my abdomen. Other than that, I don’t even cramp during my cycle. One doctor thinks that I should have a hysterectomy and my other doctor says that I should only consider surgery in the event of major problems. Often women with fibroids feel alone upon diagnosis because they are told surgery or nothing else. I just don’t agree.
    While I love the idea of natural remedies, I have heard that red clover acts like estrogen. Why do you think they helped your fibroids to shrink since most are in agreement that estrogen causes the fibroids to grow?
    …still, I am excited about your story and plan to buy the herb this weekend.
    Please continue to spread your story and give women what we all need more of….HOPE!

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