My book tells you exactly what I used and how I used the herb. Also, what foods to avoid to help dissolve the fibroids and prevent them from returning.

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Testimony of fibroid dissolved.

Testimony of fibroid-pregnancy success


Women’s Speaking Engagement Fibroids Conference 9/20/14
In June 2012 I had UFE. One year later the fibroids
Were about the same size, only about 1% shrinkage. I came across your information on the Internet(YouTube). In October 2013 I purchased some red clover and literally in 30 days the fibroids were gone, and that’s a watered down version of my testimony about red clover; I just want to say thank you,thank you for the information!

Thank you so much for your help. I tried the Red Clover followed your diet plan and my fibroids dissolved within 7 months.

Fibroid Queen,
I am so pleased with the results that I received by using the Red Clover and following your guidelines. I had 4 fibriods and now they are gone.

I went to the doctor four months after taking the Red Clover and I a so excited because I was told my fibroids were gone. Thank you so much for your help!
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17 Responses to *Testimonies/Videos*

  1. nice article. thank you..Treatment for uterine fibroids naturally is actually a great option worth considering if your issue is actually causing problems. The actual nature associated with fibroids signifies which conventional treatment is limited and the idea is actually wise with regard to women in order to consider just about all options before taking action.

    treatment for uterine fibroids naturally

  2. AZBY says:

    Loved your articles and your youtube videos. I am at my wits end. I cannot afford your book at this time. I have nothing to lose though, will start trying the red clover as soon as i can. My mom had fibroids. My younger sister had a hysterectomy…I do not want that….mine are very large and multiple…I am 51 and bleed between periods. No insurance so I have to experiment on myself. I will continue to do more research…but red clover is what i will try immediately, as soon as i can….I’ve also read about chaste tree berry and calc-iodine….If you are familiar with this, please tell me what your thoughts are….pray for me, and thanks so much for the info you’ve shared…..

    • Vivian says:

      Hello thank you for writing. I have never used the other herbs for my fibroids. I cannot vouch for their effectiveness for shrinking fibroids. I used Red Clover and that is all I can prove their effectiveness of shriking fibroids. Other women that have followed my diet, Red Clover and instructions have seen results.

      I will continue to pray for you, and I have also emailed a free copy of my pdf file to your email address. God Bless!

  3. Ewy says:

    Hi, Vivian please I want to ask if I can buy the packed red clover at the grocery store?
    Am I to make a tea from it? How often should I drink it , also can I get pregnant while taking red clover to shrink my fibroid. I have purchased the hard copy o your book but yet to be shipped.

    • Vivian says:

      Hello, Ewy thank you for purchasing my book. I hope you enjoy it and it brings you good health. I have never tried packed Red Clover. I assume it works just as well as the capsules. I prefer for you to take the capsules as prescribed and don’t forget to change your diet. Yes, there is a possibly you can get pregnant while taking Red Clover. I hope this answers your question. God Bless!

  4. dolly says:

    I would like to thank you for your time for helping women who are sufferring a lot from fibriods i have a same problem multiple fibriods i want to buy red clover can you tell me from where i can get it and what brand to buy i will really appreciate.
    thanks and god bless you and your

  5. Deneen says:

    Can it be any brand of Red Clover?

  6. Jowama says:

    I have had fibroids for maybe 10 years and cyst of the ovaries. I will go ahead and try the red clover capsules. How many times a day do I take the red clover., I will change my diet and exercise. Do I take the capsules with food or without food on an empty stomach. Please let me know.

    I will one day in the future buy your book. I am unemployed and with no insurance, recently divorced. I can’t afford your book right now but I will save towards it.

    • Vivian says:

      Thank you for contacting me. Please check your estrogen level and make sure your level is low. If it is high you can not take the Red Clover because it contains a small amount of estrogen. If it is low, you can take the Red Clover, you should take it 3 x a day. Also, remember to change your diet to organic chicken and red meat, no caffeine, chocolate and soy. Please check your email, I have sent you some extra information. Please keep me posted or if you have anymore questions, please write. God Bless!

  7. Sejal says:

    Hi Vivian,
    My name is Sejal. I have one 10cm fibroid. I am vegetarian (No meat, No fish , No eggs) but do eat dairy products.
    Looking into testimonials & youtube videos, seems like your book covers tips for non-veg. food.
    So, does it also have advise for vegetarian food or could be email me specifically for vegetarian diet?
    What should be dosage for red clover capsules in terms of how many capsules and how many mg per capsules in a day is recommended?

    • Vivian says:

      Hello Sejal, Thanks for contacting me. My book does address meat eaters, however, I suggest that many women just eat vegetables and not meat. Unfortunately, many women have a hard time dropping the meat for their diet(lol). I do recommend whether they eat meat or only vegetables, their food should be ALL ORGANIC OR ALL NATURAL. All natural or oragnic food is not injected with pesticides or other contamination. The doesage is usually best to start off with 2 capsules a day until your body adjusts to the new herb. However, I suggest before taking Red Clover to have your estrogen level check to make sure your level is not high. If you have a normal or low estrogen level than you can take the Red Clover.

      I hope this information helps you, and please keep me posted.

      God Bless!!

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